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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I call, or NOT call 9-1-1 ?


9-1-1 is for reporting emergencies only; examples include:

  • For any crime that is in progress or has just occurred
  • For fires, gas leaks, chemical spills, wires down, smoke conditions etc...
  • For acts that could escalate, such as a drunk driver, someone playing with a gun etc...
  • Whenever someones life or property are in danger

9-1-1 should NOT be used to call in non-emergencies, examples include:

  • For non medical emergencies (common illness)
  • For non serious crimes that occurred in the past (i.e. Bicylcle was stolen sometime last night)
  • For parking complaints (cars is parked in front of a driveway, too close to the corner etc...)
  • For noise complaints (barking dogs, loud music etc...)
  • For general questions about police business (how to get a police report, how to obtain a firearms card etc...)
  • For non emergency issues, and you just don't know who to call (i.e. - questions about the weather, directions to a street in town, questions about utilities, park hours etc...

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